UL Registration  UL Registration

The RTI registration of SunMorfee TM V of “RTI(Ele/ Imp/ Str)= 130/ 120/ 130[℃]” has been extended from only 3mm thickness to 0.1-3mm thickness range of material.
(Since July 19th, 2011)

What is RTI(Relative Thermal Index)?

A RTI(Relative Thermal Index) is an indication of the material’s ability to retain a particular property (electrical, physical) when exposed to elevated temperatures for an extended period of time (about 100,000Hr) in the air condition.

And also, a RTI indicates maximum operating-temperature under which material can be used within the long-time period.

Therefore a RTI is considered as a measure of the material’s thermal endurance.

For each material, a number of RTI can be established, each index related to a specific property and a specific thickness of the material.

Polycarbonate automatically can get RTI(80/80/80[℃]) without any application.

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